Soldeir In Kaduna Search House to House For Stolen Palliatives

Kaduna state Governor El-Rufai has ordered the Nigeria army to search house to house of the palliatives taken by the Kaduna citizen and brought to book for their offence.

The palliatives warehouse that was discovered by some people in Kaduna recently, people in the community carted away thousands of relieve food items that was meant to be shared to people in the state at the covid period.

Though the president of Nigeria, Buhari said he distributed the palliatives to all the thirty six states in nigeria and didnt order any governor to hoard the relieve items from people. Meanwhile Nigerian governors however make an excuse says not sharing the covid palliativez relieve material to the citizen has reason and the reason is to keep the relieve items for the secound face of covid19 coming soon.

Meanwhile Kaduna state Governor orders the army in the state to do stop and seaxrg and also search from one house to another for the stollen palliatives. Some looted palliatives has been restored back and the looters were punished while they are still on the search of the palliatives.

However gov El Rufai has condemn looting of the palliatives from the ware house and regard it as stealing of the government property.

See some photos from the recovered palliatives below

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