Couple Celebrates 72years of Togtherness, 68th Wedding Anniversary Together In Style (Photos)

According to a photographer who posted this viral wedding anniversary photos online , this beautiful couple celebrates 72years of togetherness in style.

The photographer who seems to have turn himself to an reported, ask the woman (Vera) who is 95 years old how she met her man, Vera says he met him at an hospital when she was 18years old, she said they dated for 4years and get married and now celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary, "I wanted him to be mine the moment I saw him, and I got him!" She added.

When she was asked what has been keeping their marriage till date, Vera said,
"You've got to stick at it. Stand by each other, always. Take the rough with the smooth, and as long as you've got one another, you can take on anything".

According to report, Mel and Vera have come across and overcome many obstacles in their lives together, one being this Covid19 pandemic and having to stay away from their children, grand and great grand children owing to social distancing.

Yet they believe that having each other to lean on has been their biggest blessing for life. What have you learn from this beautiful Love story ?

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