Rapper Lil Frosh Shares Chat Evidence To Prove His Innocence About Beating Up His Girlfriend

According to recent report, popular rapper Lil Frosh who was allegedly accused of beating up his girlfriend has come out to deny it in an interview with famous singer and presenter Sina Rambo.

In the interview, the ex dmw signed artist who was ripped off of his contract with dmw due to the alleged girlfriend molestation, denied it in an interview and despite the fact that she lied against him, lil frosh still claim to love his girlfriend so much.

On seeing the live interview, lil frosh girlfriend reacted to the viral video of lil frosh, says she is disgusted about the lies lil frosh is telling the media.

Meanwhile to continue to proof his innocency, the rapper shares some of their chats as evidence where she claims that her swollen face is due  to allergic reactions.

See some of the chats below and shares your thoughts on this

Meanwhile in case you missed the video of the interview with lil frosh, you can watch the viral video below

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