Explosion Rocked Yemen Airport, 26 Killed, 50 injured

Explosion attack

According to news report reaching pmtv gist, not more than 26 people were killed as massive bomb explosion hit Yemen's Aden Airport. It was reported that after another government, unity government comes in, the explosion was said to be done by Iran backed Huthi rebels.

Recent reports shows that as at in Wednesday, all the government officials were unharmed during the attack. As at the time of this report, more than 50 people were wounded, Medical sources and government sources narrate the report to AFP in the southern city in which casualty are tend to be on a rise.

Red cross international committee also said one of his active members were also among those affected at the explosion area and was confirmed dead while other three people are badly wounded.

Dominik Stillhart, the ICRC operation director said Yemeni people have pass through a terrible amount of suffering over the past 5years, bomb explosion like this recent event at Yemen airport adds more to the grief of Yemeni people.

According to eye witness from the scene, smoke was said to brew out of the airport as massive explosion hit the airport and as people are trying to attend to wounded people, another explosion rock the airport again wounding many people.

AFP shared some video footage that shows  that their is a missile striking the airport apron, in which is explode to a ball of massive intense flame that goes up in the airport.

The coalition which was led by a Saudi, said  that their was a drone which was meant to target Al-Masheeq palace was shot down by their team. Almost tens of thousands have been killed in this Yemen war in the past five year, and because of this Yemen war, The united nation has been forced to called the war 'world worst humanitarian disaster.

Information minister Moammar al Eryani has revealed that all the members of the new government escaped the explosion unharmed which he put the blame on the Huthi rebels. He however refers the terrorist   attack by the Iran supported Huthi militia as a coward attack and he also claims that this attack will not deter them from carrying out their patriotic duty as a good citizen.

The united nation secretary Antonio Guterres has denounced and condemned the attack, says the world body have been finding a way to to settle the Yemen conflict.

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