Lagos Cp Orders Policemen to Enforce 12am to 4am in Lagos

Lagos CP Odumosu

According to recent updates from police command in Lagos, The commissional of police Hakeem Odumosu has ordered all policemen in the state areas to enforce all Covid19 protocols as listed by presidential task force.

The commissioner of police Odumosu has command all the policemen in the state to enforced the curfew which start from 12am to 4am ordered by the presidential task force Ptf, and also ensure closure of night clubs, night bars, event centres, and many others across the state.

This was made known by in a statement issued titled ''Enforce all Covid19 protocols'' and also ask the the head of police department to supervise their uniform men for effectiveness, he told area commanders (DPO).

This statement was approved and signed by the police public relation officer Olumuyiwa Adejobi today Thursday, in relation as church plans to hold cross over services at night of 31st of December across the state.

The public relation officers Adejobi said the cp gave the order while addressing the area commandants and DPOs at a Hall known as Powa hall, Oduduwa Ikeja.

He also said the Cp orders that the policemen must enforce the use of face mask at public places like mall, and other market places, their must be social distancing among the people, closure of high clubs, bars, social gathering, lounges, hotels, street Carnivals must be effective.

He also said the use of infra thermometer to check body temperature must be in place, use of sanitizers and enforcement of the 12am to 4am curfew must be very effective.

He however stated that all the commanders and the DPOs should monitor their men to enforce these laws in the state as Covid19 is real and must be joke with. He also urges the police men that they must do everything possible in their power to stop the spread of this diseases.

The commissioner of Police Odumosu also urges the policemen to be careful and desists from some bad behavior like drunkenness, misuse of power, cause of accident on the roads, accidental discharge, massive extortion and many other bad behavior as the policemen found guilty will be severely death with.

The Cp also urges the communities to cooperate with the security operatives for effectiven policing of the state so as to stay save all this time.

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