Neymar Probed By Brazil Prosecutor for Organising A new Eve party admist Covid19


According to recent update about Famous footballer Neymar, Brazil prosecutor is on a probe that Neymar is about to organised a new year eve luxury party at his home that is near Reo de Janeiro  as he didnt obey corona virus protocols, their by increase the risk of contacting the deadly disease and increase the rise in the spread of the virus.

According to some report from sources close to Neymar has denied the report that the footballer didnt even have the plan to host such a elaborate party at his residence. He was accused of this new year eve after paris saint German PSG player posted a pictures with his friend enjoying themselves on a yacht at a beach on southern state of Santa catarina.

In a statement issued by the Rio prosecutor  office has been investigating the matter after receiving a lot of claims based on the report released by the press that the PSG player is going to sponsor the new year eve at his residence. The Rio office also urges the player and this neighboring complex to urgently provide a clarified information about the party and the numbers of visitors expected at the party so as to notify the necessary authorities before the event can take place.

An assistant close to the PSG player Neymar has also revealed that even the player didn't know may be he will be staying at his luxury mansion at magaratiba or he will be at Santa Catarina. The media viral report about the planned party has got a lot of people criticising the player because Brazil is the most worst hit country trying to maintain social distancing so as to curb the worsening the spread of the deadly disease which has claim almost 200,000 lives in Brazil alone.

Although according to report, such a party won't be considered as illegal because the government in the community didnt ban private events in various homes and mangaratiba council said they dont have the power to intervene in the matter.

However the AFP has said to have flew over to the area to to see things themselves on Wednesday but they were amazed as their was no signs of party preparation at players resident.

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