Poilce Disobey Court Order, Insist Atheist Mubarak Bala To spend Holiday in Prison

Mubarak Bala

According to the recent updates from the court of law, the Nigerian police force has disobey the court of law as the refused to release an atheist Mubarak Bala, despite an order from the federal high court of nigeria ordering the inspector general of police to release the Atheist.

Mubarak Bala is the president of Nigeria humanist association, he was arrested for allegedly attacking and going against prophet Mohammed in one of his Facebook post in April.

A lawyer, S S Umar has constantly petitioned the commissioner of police and has demand the Atheist arrest. Mubarak Bala was arrested in Kaduna state in his residents and was transfered to Kano where he has been since April 28,2020.

The Atheist lawyer has filled a law suit violation of human rite before a justice in Nigeria Inyang Ekwo of federal high court in Abuja. However the court has order the police force to release Bala with Immediate effect but was not effective as the inspector general of police refused to release him.

It was learnt that Mubarak Bala spent all his holiday, Christmas and boxing day in the prison and may as well spend the new year in prison if the court order is not complied with by Thursday December 31st.

In his statement while speaking with the punch newspaper, Bala's lawyer Mr James Ibor said the police didnt have intention of following the court order rather disobey court order.

Meanwhile according to sworn Affidavit, Mubarak bala was denied access to his lawyer and his relatives and friends for many months. Protest from several human rights organisationz proof abortive as the police also filled a first information report accusing Mubarak Bala of bridging cyber crime act in order of obtain a remain order.

Meanwhile No date was given for arraignment which allows the police to get hold of him for month before transferring him to Kano state.

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