Samuel Little, the Most Prolific US Serial Killer Dies At The Age of 80years

Samuel Little

According to information reaching the pmtv gist, Samuel little the most serial killer in the united state dies at the age of 80years.

According to FBI Samuel little is the most prolific serial killer in the united state, he dies in California, Prison Officer reveals.

Samuel little, the serial killer was convicted for killings and committing 93 murders which are mostly women. This crime was carried out between  1970 to 2005, but his killings was undetected for many decades.

Little was a former boxer, and his victims were mostly drug addicts and prostitues and in most cases the victims especially women are unidentified and their death were nor even investigated.

Samuel little confessed and named his victims when he was behind bars, the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) has listed up to like 50 death crimes committed by him and describe all other crimes he committed as 'credible'.

In a statement issued by the department of corrections in California, the serial killer died on early Wednesday and the cause of his dead is still unknown and not yet investigated as at the time of this report.

Samuel was serving up to three consecutive life without parole sentences after jailed in 2004.

Tactics used in killing was also revealed as Samuel little also known as Mc Dowell 6ft 3in (1.9m) tall as he was accused of knocking his victims with hefty punches before strangling them to death. He however doesn't leave bullet wounds or any sign of homicide on the victims.

Some other death factors combined with the serial killer victim is always attributed to drug overdoses or accident or sometimes they attribute to natural causes as he always make sure he dosnt leave any bullets wounds on them.

The Killer grew up in Ohio, he was reportedly to have dropped out of high school, shoplift, steal and do many other crimes to buy alcohol and hard drugs, The FBI reveals.

He was arrested for the first time in his life in 1956 for frauds, shop lifting, drugs, breaking and entering without notice. He was further accused of murdering women in Mississippi and Florida in 1980s but was not caught and arrested because their were no evidence against him.

Samuel Little died of heart disease and diabetes, according to united states media report.

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