Their will be Consequences For Low Testing Across The state, Medical Expert Cries Out


According to news reaching pmtv gist, Nigeria medical expert has warned that low testing of covid19 by the state governments in nigeria is more dangerous to the battle against Covid19 spread.

The medical experts made this known in their recent interview with media houses, As medical association of Nigeria attributed the recent spike in corona virus cases in state due to re-opening of schools and institutions with proper procedures and preparation to curb the dangerous disease.

If you can remember, the federal government has complained on Tuesday that despite the available resources to the state across the nation, the test conducted in the states are very low.

On the low testing, a virologist at the Nigerian of medical research, Dr Joseph Shaibu has made it known the reason why the test is needed to be done across the nation. In his words he said if the test is done across the country the nation will have full picture of the covid19 burden.

He also said mass testing will define high burden areas for vaccinatiin purpose. He said their are some state which the virus is much more than other states, and its necessary to put more efforts and concern on the prevention methods in such states. But if people are not  testing they won't know they are living with the deadly virus, because of vaccination is to be done, it is the testing that will define the high burdened areas.

On the other hand, Nas President also said Not doing Enough testing will affect contact tracing.

President of Nigeria academy of science, Professor Mosto Onuoha not doing enough testing won't allow the country to trace the spread of the deadly disease.

Professor Onuoha is the chairman of the ministerial committee on covid19 herbal remedies made it known that contact tracing is the very important in the control of the spread of covid19 disease.

Also A professor of virologist Prof Georgina Odaibo at the university college hospital Ibadan said late detection and low testing of covid19 will increase the risk of death.

Meanwhile NMA has blamed school reopening for spike in covid19 spread second phase. On Wednesday the president  NMA prof Anthony Ujah has blamed spike of covid19 spread on the school reopening and national youth service corps (NYSC)camp.

In the first phase of the covid19 in march, recall the Federal government of Nigeria orders closure of schools and institutions a cross the nation, and orders senior secondary school 3 to resume back to school to able to write the waec and neck exams in August and also orders schools generally to resume following the  Covid19 prevention measures in the schools.

However States was also blamed for abandoning protocols enforcement amidst spike in covid19. Despite pleads and warning by the ptf that the states should enforce compliance with Covid19 protocols as some civil servant refused to wear face mask to their offices and also follow other preventives measures.

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