10 Business To Easily Start With The Sum Of Fifty thousand In Nigeria

10 Business To Easily Start With The Sum Of Fifty thousand In Nigeria

Hello guys, I will be writing about 10 business you can do with as little as #50,000 capital in Nigeria.

Now let's get down to business, depending on what you can do or what can easily makes sales anywhere you are in Nigeria. So, we have made a list of 10 business you can do with with #50,000 or less.

1. Kerosene Business
2. Pop corn Business
3. Dry Cleaning Business
4. Importation of secound hand Clothes
5. Drink and water business
6. Car Wash Business
7. Rental Services Business
8. Graphics Designing
9. Fast Food sales
10. Plantain Chips business

At the end of this short article, Following this lists of the 10 business, you will  realise their are many business opportunity that can generate massive income and turn you into a millionaire within some months of starting some of this small lucrative business.

So lets start with the list below :

1. Kerosene Sales Business

This business is very lucrative business that ones need to venture into with very low capital of #50,000 and below. One of the ways of going into oil and gas business with low capital is starting Kerosene sales business.

The power shortage in nigeria made this commodity to be among A must use items in various homes and work places. Nigerians dont have a choice than to patronise kerosene sellers if they want to have light in their various homes. They also use kerosnes for many purpose apart from lightening, they use kerosene for cooking stove, for burning of bushes or waste product, and many others usefulness of kerosene in our community. So turning in to a kerosene supplier in your community will in a short whole turns you to a millionaire if you play your card right.

2. Pop Corn Business

Another way you can make it big in Nigeria with low capital is by venturing into pop corn business. In Nigeria both old and young loves to eat pop corn from time to time especially when it has a very good aroma. The major machine used for making pop corn is sold at around #40,000 to #42,000 depending on where the get the machine from. And some thing you need to make pop corn is not costly as it is made from maize.
So venturing into pop corn business is another way to start a lucrative business with low capital and you will be smiling to bank often after making huge sales.

3. Dry cleaning business

This is another lucrative business that people tends not to look at it side. If you live in an elite environment like an estate where elite rarely have time cloth washing and ironing, then you tends to become a millionaire in a short while. To start a dry cleaning business sometimes doesn't require much. Just get a free water sources, an iron, a table, buckets, detergents and some other little things that won't cost much. The sweet part of this business is you might not even spend up to the budgeted #50,000.
And starting this business, just start the business keeping your rate at a low side and believe me you will smile to bank every now and then.

4. Importation of secound hand cloth (okrika)

According an online review about importation, Nigeria as a whole depend on importation. Mostly what we all use in Nigeria is imported from other countries. Importation of secound hand cloth is part of lucrative importation business. You can start the secound hand cloth importation business with a low capital as low as #20,000-#50,000. Just connect to the right channel, and you will realise it far cheaper in abroad.
So I can assure you venturing into this secound cloth importation business will make a good fortune.

5. Drink and Water business

One commodity that nigerians patronise on daily and cannot do without is soft drinks and water especially during the heat season. You can start this business for as low as #30,000 - #50,000 and it strive well because its one of a must commodity people patronise everyday in Nigeria. In venturing into drinks and water business, all you need is a nice cooler, ice blocks and some packs of different variety of drinks and find a good location to sell and see you turning into a millionaire within short period of time.

6. Car Wash Business

In this kind of business, location is very important if you want it to thrive well in the business. Just get an area which is quite busy especially like a garage areas is a good start for car washing business. Then what you need a good free source of water, a good space for rent and some bucket for washing. And at the end day you will notice you might not spending up to the budgeted #50,000.

7. Rental services business

As we all know that Nigerians really love partying at every given moments. Do you know you can use this to your advantage. Now let me open your eyes to it. What you need to do is your banner that will notify people about your rental services.
Then get Some stuff for rent like, a big cooler which will cost not more than 8-10,000, Big soup spoon, Dozens of plates, Big Cooking pot. Do you know your budget #50,000 can still get most of this things to some extend. Then you can start renting it out to people who needs it. Nigerians especially tends to rent cooking equipment, plates, tent and other stuff as their needs for this things is once in a while, so prefer to rent. I can boldly assure you that rental service is good lucrative business you can venture into.

8. Graphics Designing Business

This is though not new to us as most people tends to venture into the business nowadays. However its also one of most profitable business with a low capital. Just get a laptop or even a desktop of #25,000 to #30,000. Go for graphic design training for as low as #10,000 and after the training you can start your service online at the corner of your room. You will be surprised at how Nigerians will patronise your work especially if you are good at it.

9. Fast Food Sales Business

This is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria. Fast food like Indomie, spaghetti, bread and egg and the likes. You can start this fast food business with a token capital as you can get all this food items at a small quantity and start the business.

10. Plantain Chips business

We all know that Plantain chips is part of small chops people buy with coke while at work. You can start this business with a low capital. Get some plantain from farmers at a small quantity, and other ingredient to make the chips yummy and eatable. You trust Nigerians, they will surely patronise the plantatain chips everyday.

In Conclusion, read through the list of the ten business with low capital, choose the ones you find easier and affordable and Smile to the bank every day as you make huge profit.

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