How We killed Abducted Cop After collecting #1m Ransom - Criminal Suspects Reveals

One of the gang member

According to recent report reaching pmtv, criminals operating the River state as been nabbed by killing and abduction and collection of ransom from their abducted clients and also accused of many crimes in the several locations in the state.

The criminals were arrested by armed force men operatives of the inspector general of police intelligence response team after the carried out their evil plan by kidnapping a divisional crime officer Sp Moses Egbede of the Af am police station in river state demanding for huge Ransome.

The names of the criminals arrested are, Pius Kpala who is a priest, a youth leader, lemon Kenneth was also among them, a driver Lucky Teeage, Angel boy who is also known as Isaac Aforgi, Emmanuel Okechukwu, Philemon Barifa, were all gang members working together.

According to recent report, information reaching us was that one of their victim Egbede was driving to his office in his Lexus vehicle in the morning on July 21,2020  when he was stopped and am bushed by group of 5 criminals, he was kidnapped along Obiama road, and he was taken to the criminal hideout at Agbeta in Eleme local government area, which they later contact his wife whose name is grace and demand #50million Ransome from her, after negotiations, the ransom was reduced to #1million naira from #50million.

It was learnt later that, the late victim Son, Emmanuel took the money to the kidnappers at along Ogale pipeline road, after collecting the ransom, the officer Egbede was killed and his corpse was dumbed in a well in order of the gang leader Aforji claiming the officer once detained his wife in their station.

After series of interview with the gang leader, Aforji reveals all their criminal cases which include oil bunkering, kidnapping and killing and many other crimes committed by him and his gang members in the state. In his words he said he his married with three children, he also reveals he is from Eleme Local government river state, he attends only primary schools and later went ahead and learned Welding for two years.

According to Aforji, he later open a welding workshop, when a crisis arise in his community, he claims his equipment were stolen, he then later start to ride motorcycle. He narrate how he later got married and got himself into oil bunkering which he later got burnt in the process, spend all his savings for treatment and got broke again. He was later introduced to a man named Tombare who got him into kidnapping and killing.

Meanwhile he reveals how he did his first crime by kidnapping a woman and her son which later fetch them up to #200,000 as ransom which he was later given #30,000 as his own share and also kidnap a man which they collected #1million naira as ransom and was given #100,000 as his own share of the money.

Other gang members like Chukwuma, Zopkara, Okechukwu, Barifa also shares their own side of the story and their roles in the criminal process.

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