''I Need A Man To Share My Wealth With'' - Beautiful Wealthy Barrister Search For Husband on Twitter

Guys I know you will like this gist am about to share with you about a beautiful barrister who is in search of a young man to marry.

So, he's is the gist, this beautiful wealthy barrister known as Khadijah took to his twitter account to share her inner thought about a man. She open up on her page,says she needs a man who she can share her wealth with.

In some of her recent tweets, she said she need love, she needs attention of a man, she also reveals that he doesn't needs any man's money.

Read some of her tweets below

However, some suitors have been on her timeline and her comments section professing their love for the beautiful barrister. Some even said they really want her but they are poor. 

See some of her photos below

What is your take on this ??

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