More Than 1927 Calls FCMB Director sacking over Paternity Scandal

Fcmb director Adam Nuru

According to recent report update by pmtv, some people of almost more than 1927 has demand the fcmb boss Adam Nuru, managing director of first city monument bank sacking over paternity scandal. It was reported that the call for this sacking was as a result of the director infidelity with a bank worker Moyo Thomas who no longer works in the bank.

The call for probe was reported to have comes from the central bank of Nigeria CBN demanding for the dismiss of the fcmb director with joint force from fcmb board of directors. The call for dismiss came as a result of the death of the bank Worker Moyo Thomas husband who was told by his wife that the fcmb boss Nuru is the father of his two kids, depression later killed Moyo Thomas two weeks ago on hearing the sad news from his trusted wife.

According to report, Moyo Thomas travelled to the US, when she got to the US, she called her late husband Tunde to inform him about the father of their kids, Tunde later down with stroke but later recovered from the shocking stroke. Tunde was later healed and decide to put the matter aside him to get another woman to marry but it was learnt that he was attacked by Cardiac arrest which led to his death two days of getting to his new woman whom he decided to marry.

Meanwhile, on hearing the sad incidence, a petition was posted online which was signed by almost 1927 people in which 2500 people were targeted to have sign the petition for the dismiss of Adam Nuru fcmb director. The petition posted online reads : This is a case of misconduct on ethical grounds and unjustifiable economic oppression by the elite (Adam Nuru) against the less privilege Tunde in te society. The MD has been doing everything possible to sweep the case under the carpet. We implore the central bank of Nigeria as the apex regulator and the board of fcmb to investigate this case for the integrity of the bank and the entire bank industry. This is a case too many while I agree this is not the full story, the nearest minimum will be an investigation to this unethical conduct to the current MD of fcmb Adam Nuru.

On seeing the petition online signed by numerous people, the bank and board of directors react quickly to this allegation and assure the people that investigation has taken place immediately on the issue arising concerning the MD of the bank. When ask about the current state of the MD of fcmb may be he's to be sacked or removed temporarily, it was gathered from the bank spoke man that no statement has been issued yet concerning this matter but investigation is on.

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