Reasons Businesses Import & Export Goods & Services.

 Reasons Businesses Import & Export Goods & Services.

Reasons Businesses Import & Export Goods & Services.

This is not really a new topic to us, but at same time we want to give cool account about the main reasons or what is behind the courses of goods importation and exportation into the country.

A lots of businesses around the country, most especially a company that offer's large scales of goods distribution are into this important, for the benefit of them to be able to satisfy customers needs.

Most of this companies are Government register companies, off course you can't deal with goods importation or exportation successfully if your company is not registered under the noticed of the government.

Yes the government has percentage in your business that's why you have to register your company with them, this also help you to be able to go on with a smooth transportation, importation and Exportation of goods within and outside the country.

Non availability of goods seemed to be one of the good reasons why companies engage important or exportation in other to satisfy the needs and wants of the customers.

A company that deal's with for example an iPhone products in terms of selling or replacement of parts, this set of company with no doubt are mainly Into importation.
The reason is because, the iPhone products in which customers are asking for isn't a Nigerian company, so for a Nigerian customer to have this products, he or she needs gives the company a few months to import it into the country.

Same things lies on, when it comes to some countries who needed our products for example like crude oil to to carry out some production in the state, if they have limited crude oil for the production of the goods to serve the public, they will need wait why some Exportation from other countries will be done into the country to be able to meet up with their needs.

In settlement of this or to make you understand the more, I will say there's a great needs and more reseason every company should import and export goods, it help them to gain more customers, aside form that, the gained the most well serve company.

Customers love companies who meet up with their needs, feeds them with those request, because most those customers buy from a large sells company and resell it out.

This means they also are working hard to meet up with the request of others people, failure to do so, they may not have that chance of keeping that customers again, same thing when is has to do with a company.

I can remember when I still work with a building material manufacturing company, this company deals with both state production and importation of goods from other's countries as well.

Although it a foreign company that has it branches here in Nigeria, any goods they found difficult to to produced, they will take back into home by importing that products just to meet the needs of her customers.

Remember when aligning this above, I gave you some examples of why and the reasons businesses import or export goods..

Some of this goods or products used by most countries citiens are not produced in that country, so in case this companies who sells this goods or products or offer this services runs out of items, the only option they have is for them as usual to import it into the country where it is needed.

Now understand this, the country receiving this Items are said to be import, while the one sending out to items to the needed area's and countries of the world as labelled as exporters.

I hope now you can really tell the different between this words Importation & Exportation and give it a more better meaning without arguing or engaging in language battle with anybody.

In my own opinion, remember in all my article, I always have something to say when it comes to business discussion mostly. A company, Group Of People or an individual who offers services that has this related characters needs to engage in Importation & Exportation of goods and services, it help grows your business profile and profit.

Now, let drive down to some few Reasons Businesses Import & Export Goods & Services.

1 . It Generate Trust:-

When your are doing business, like I said before, you sell maybe and iPhone and you get it directly from the manufacturing company which will all 

knows it not here in Nigeria, for you to generate that trust between you and your customers you need encourage them by importing this goods, 

Letting it to be available so when the request for it, you will be able to quickly respond to their services it request by delivering the goods to them.

This customers will have and generate trust in you or your company because you always meet up with their needs.

2 . Availability Of Products Or Services:-

When a company import a products or services, it said to have made it available for the people consumption, this helps fasten the growth of others small companies who by from them.

For example a hospital that lack treatment equipment, have no other choice than for them to import this equipment, a person who need equipment for survival may comes in anytime and if they company can't offer this services, it possible they may loss this customers or life gone entirely.

Now you see Why, it very necessary for a company to import or export goods and services, those things you sell or offers are all needed someday by someone for reproduction, resell or for personal use.

3 . Boost Company Profile:-

A company that import and export goods and services are said to have large numbers of profitable profile, because it serves are large and always ready.

Le just assume, it only that company that has those needed services and goods at that very few time, they are seemed to have more profit, make name's and can easily goes widely within those time.

Every company, individual or group of organizations does businesses for a purpose of them to make profits, so they do all the can to make available those services for the exchange of money.


Every company has their rules and regulations and ways there are been managed. The most interesting part is that if you deal or if they deal with a 

products or services that is coming directly from the country, they will be left with no options than to either export it import.

Remember the more availability of goods and services a company offers, they more they are entitled to make more profit and be able to feed the audience with needed requirements.

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