''SARS is Back again'' Men In SARS Uniform With Gun Chased Man Into Shoprite Mall in Ota

According to a report reaching pmtv gist desk, It seems SARS have started operations again in Ota Ogun state.

A man on his social media page has come out to inform the public that SARS have started their operations again have the unit has been scrapped by the government following the Endsars peaceful protest which the government named another unit SWAT to start their operations soon.

Meanwhile, according to this man on his page, some men in SARS uniform have chased a man into shoprite mall in Ogun state with their gun. He reveals that he was surrounded by the people in the mall which does not allow the officers to take him away.

In the video shared, the man who was to be arrested was seen ranting, he said he didnt do anything and they just started chasing him all around.

However as at the time of this report, the man is still with the people who tries to save him from the uninformed officers in shoprite mall, Ota Ogun state.

Watch the video below

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