Two Brothers Surprised Old Woman Who Gives Them Free Akara While Going To School 40years ago

Hello guys, how is your new year going, apparently I have a new gist that I just come across online recently for you.

So here is the gist, These two brother from Nigeria at East side, though they didnt mention their location as at the time of this report. The two brothers surprised this old woman who gives them free bean cake popularly known as Akara while going to school back then 40years ago.

According to the brothers, they decided to pay this old woman who is above 100year old now a surprise visit after 40years. They narrated how he use to give free snacks while going to school, the woman is an akara seller back then and she gives them for free every single day.

Meanwhile the woman was so happy when she sight them, the joy in her heart could be felt as she tightly hug the brothers visiting her. The brothers however were happy to see her still strong and healthy after many years.

Is good to be good because you never can tell when the good will come back to you. Online users has praised the old woman and also urge the young ladies of nowadays to emulate such a good behavior.

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