10 Minor Business To Start In Nigeria In 2021

10 Minor Business To Start In Nigeria In 2021

10 Minor Business To Start In Nigeria In 2021

People often ask some reasonable questions about business, questions like, which kind of business can I start, how can I start a 

business with my low capital, what are the trending and profitable business in nigeria, and so on.

This is why we come out with this amazing list of 10 minor business to start in this year 2021. 

You must not wait till you have millions before starting a business of your own, you can start with that your little capital and you will realize you will start smiling to bank in a short while.

So let's get down to business, let's roll out our list of 10 minor business you can this year 2021 that won't cost you much.

1. Credit Call Card Business
2. Farming
3. Pos business
4. Mobile Phone Accessories business
5. Ice Block Production
6. Blogging / media reporter
7. Day Care centre
8. Web developer
9. Agric Business
10. Mini Restaurant

So, if you are thinking of starting a minor business and you dont have much, then the list above can surely help your budget capital to start any of the above business listed above.

1. Credit call card Business

Call card business is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria because most people in Nigeria often use credit card for their mobile phones. Though talking about this business, the profit is not as huge as other business but it's substantial and stabilize financial income. Its a high demanding commodity that is very essential for almost everyone using mobile 

phones, the use credit cards to call, subscribe to data service to browse the internet. The usefulness of this credit card made it a must to use commodity among Nigerians and that is why it is very 

demanding and profitable as many people patronise the business everyday. You will smile to bank every day or every week after realising huge profit that comes together.

2. Farming

It is a pity that a country like Nigeria that is blessed with good enough lands and many land resources for farming is not making use of the opportunity given to them naturally and free of charge. 

Farming is a profitable business that does not need a learned person to start but experience is fully needed when starting this business. Their are so many aspect of farming you can go into when starting in a small scale, 

one of which is pepper farming. Pepper is a commodity that is used by every body in the world. Already made market is available for pepper, that is, you will surely sell after harvesting your pepper. You can start small by renting a small portion of land, learn from experienced farmers about pepper, and start growing your pepper. After some months of cultivating, I can assure you, you will start smiling to the bank every 5 days of harvesting your pepper. 

Another is Tomato farming, you can start tomato farming in a small scale as just like pepper as it also an important commodity in every house hold. Maize farming , cassava farming can also be done in a small scale and will yield more profit after harvesting.

3. Pos Business

In Nigeria of today, Pos centres is one of the famous lucrative business, it more like a credit call card business because it is also a day to day business. Pos (Point of sales) is n

an expensive machine to get when starting a pay centre business and you can even start with little amount of #30,000 for transactions and with time it will grow. As 

we all know that Pos Business is speedily growing in Nigeria because Nigerians are tired of waiting and queueing at the ATM centres. Pos as it is known to be a faster means of transacting money and it saves 

time and energy. People often tends to patronise Pos, it can be found every where on the street. This business is a lucrative business as people tends to patronise it everyday and you will smiling to the bank after releasing huge profit.

4. Mobile Phone Accessories Business

This business also trend well in Nigeria as people in Nigeria tends to buy phones accessories often. Accessories like Phone case, phone pouch, batteries, ear piece, charger, phone screens and so on.  Nigerians spoil all this accessories on a daily basis depending on the usage and its a 

must use commodity for everyone. You can't use a phone with a battery or a spoiled screen touch, Power bank which also serves as power backup for almost every nigerians also sell well, and many phone accessories. You will get to see how lucrative this business is when you start.

5. Ice block production

Ice block production is also one of the profitable business especially during this dry season. Nigerians tends to buy anything cold to quench their thrust and this makes the business to be very lucrative. Starting this business won't really cost you much if you know your way around it or if you can get your business plan readily available before starting.

6. Blogging/Media reporter

Blogging has been considered as a lucrative business as of late. Some successful nigerians like Seun osewa , Kinder Ikeji and the likes are into blogging, tho its not a get rich quick scheme but if you can be hard working and can wait patiently, you will surely become a popular millionaire. Media reporter or content creator on the other hand is also lucrative, successful nigerians 

like Tunde Ednut, Instablog, Gossip Mill, Kemi Olunloyo and the likes are raking in millions every month. And this is to prove that social media reporter is also a good business to start. You won't spend much, get a good android phone or a laptop and you 

are good to go. You can as well attend training and after getting your way around social media, You will also join the million gang in a short term.

7. Day care centre

As well know that some rich and employed Nigerians dont really have time for the kids because of their job consuming time. This is why starting a day care centre is lucrative. Taking care of their kids for them while charging them heavily. They are always ready to pay so far you take good care of their kids for them.

8. Web developer

Wed designing, creating a blog for sale, designing a website is also a lucrative business. Just go for a training and within weeks you would have become an expert on the field.

9. Agric business

Agric business simply means buying and selling of agro product and equipment. Its not necessarily you have millions before starting this business, you can partner with 

already made companies like Profem and Partners. Just source for customers to buy agro machines and get your own referral bonus from the companies. You can also start a agric consultancy firm, establishment fof farms for people and making a lot of money from it.

10. Mini Restaurant

You actually dont need millions to start a mini restaurant as u can get feedstuff at minimal quantity and start to sell food. Nigerians patronise food everyday and its a sure sign that the business will strive well.

In conclusion, You can start any of the above business listed above with low budget. Start a business today.

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