Entertainment Pumbs Money Faster Than Others Carrier In Nigeria (See Prove)

Entertainment in Nigeria

As we all know entertainment is one of the most fast growing economy in the whole world. Entertainment can come in any form, it can come from comedy, music, sports,culture or any aspect of life.

Entertainment industry however seems to be fast growing in nigeria as musicians, comedians, footballers and the likes keep buying expensive houses and cars flaunting it on their social media page. However it will be agreed that entertainment industry pumps in money than any other carrier.

But before we can agree that entertainment pumps money than any other carrier in nigeria, we have to look at some history, and some basic things to butress our point on that note.

1. Entertainment Business in Nigeria
2. How do entertainers make their money faster.
3. Entertainment revenue in previous years in Nigeria.
4. Facts about Nigeria entertainment Industry.
5. Net worth of Nigeria Entertainment industry.

Now let's get to down to the point one after the other as this will clear our view that entertainment in Nigeria pumps in more money faster than other carriers.

1. Entertainment business In Nigeria

Entertainment business nigeria as of today is one of the most profitable business as it pumps in money faster and easier. Entertainment business which is known as show biz which is one of the secondary sector of the business.
Entertainment business can come in diverse ways like creating an amusement park, a record label managing musicians and comedians, concert organizers, cinemas, festivals, museums and so on. Owing one this entertainment business in Nigeria is a sure way of earning fast money in Nigeria as Nigerians tends to love entertainment and can spend any amount on entertainment.
However richest people in Nigeria are most involved entertainment business and can as well testify that entertainment business is booming well in Nigeria.

2. How entertainers make their money        faster.

Entertainers in nigeria makes huge sum of money from entertainment especially successful ones. Their are several way entertainers like musicians, footballers, comedians, media personnel and so on their money.
Let's analyse it one after the other.

i. Record deals :

This is quite popular among musicians and comedians in Nigeria where they make deals with record labels owners either by salary or per show or content released which is bonded with legal document. However entertainment makes huge sum of money from the record deals and also make money for the record label as well.

ii. Popular streaming platforms :

Entertainers make huge sum of money from streaming platforms as well. When they upload their music or content on streaming platforms like Youtube, amazon, Spotify, iTunes, audio macks and so on, this streaming platform pays some certain amount per thousands or millions of streams they have on their content. Thus popular entertainers make alot of money from this streaming platform because they usually have millions streaming their content.

iii. Album Sales, concert and shows  :

Entertainers sometimes make their huge some of money by Album sales, selling millions of album making a lot of money, they also make a lot of money from organising concert and shows, selling shows tickets for millions of people to entertain them on stage.

iv. Music/content Royalty :

Royalties are like entitlement paid for using an entertainer content may be on radio, on programs, clubs, rallies and so on. Musicians, footballers, comedians and others benefit hugely from royalties paid for making use of their content.

v. Patnership and Endorsement Deals :

Partnership with hotels owners, club owners, banks, organisations, politicians and many more can also pump in money for entertainers. Also entertainer endorsement deals with famous companies like banks, telecommunications, automobiles companies and many money also pays them huge amount of money and which in turn pump in money for them.

vi. Investment :

Are you surprised investment is part of our list ? Yes investment is one of the crucial point in how entertainers make their money. Money they make from entertainment is also invested into another business which in turn pumps in money and makes them successful richest entertainers among their peers.

3. Entertainment Revenue in previous years in Nigeria

Yes, we also need to look back at entertainment history in Nigeria to proof our solid point that entertainment pumps money faster than other carriers. According to history, in the previous years entertainment networth tends to grow from 5.5billion dollars in 2019 to 10.5 billion dollars in 2021 and still growing speedily. History reveals that in nollywood industry alone produces more than 2500 films in a year which inturns yield up to 22million dollars not to talk of sport and other entertainment industries. Entertainment has been a point of attraction for many in the country and therefore making her revenue to speed up in recent times.

4. Facts about Nigeria entertainment industry

There are some fact about Nigeria entertainment Industry that you probably dont know about. One of the fact is Nigeria Entertainment has generates more than 9 billion dollars in the last three years. Another fact about entertainment industry is that Entertainment is most fastest growing businesses in Nigeria economy. Entertainment business is what some countries like Korea and some countries depend on for their economy. With all this facts, it a settled argument that entertainment pumps money faster than other carriers in Nigeria.

5. Net Worth of Nigeria Entertainment industry

In Nigeria as of today, entertainment generally has grown so big and it has become major source of income for many youth. Nigeria Entertainment industry worth 10billion dollars as of present.

In conclusion, with all the known facts listed above,Nigeria Entertainment industry pumps in money faster than any other carrier because entertainment has made many youth a successful one in their journey of life and they have been known throughout the whole world using the influence of entertainment.

Entertainment as it known to be an activity that allows people to enjoy themselves at their leisure time by providing fun, smile, and laughter while some people often use entertainment as a means of relaxing their brain after loads of work, as bring joy to many people in Nigeria. Everyone loves to be entertained and that why entertainment sells faster than any other business in Nigeria.

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