The Important Of Dating Before Marriage In Nigeria Today.

The Important Of Dating Before Marriage In Nigeria Today.

Let me take you down to Nigeria, and how we do it over here. If think of getting married to someone and you don't really knows much about the person background, mostly especially ladies, you are advice to be with the person for a period of time to know his or her character,

If they person or partner rather will be suits for home. In Nigeria, this is how is mostly done, parents will have to let you stay or have sometime with that person of your choice and get them a reply to know if him or her is good to go.

Remember I told you, this situation happens mostly to the women and here in Nigeria, I don't know about others tribes in the world, so I can't really say anything about it.

When spending time with your partner, your parents will expect a feedback from you, and if that isn't good enough, you are entitle to make another choice. The reasons for this observation is because, who you spend your life time with matters a lots.

Many marriage have failed due to this particular reasons. And at time, that partner who sounds and does things in appropriate ways changes immediately after marriage.

Let me start from the women. This set of people best describe as women has this hidden character that even though you spend the whole of your time and little chances with them while still dating, you won't get to really know them until the gain your heart and fully married to you.

Parents who can't take this anymore do advice their children to start knowing her by dating before marriage can comes in. And same time the man will have some pieces of advice from the parents not to let her know he will marry her later on, they can actually investigate her.

During the period, smiles she's under serious inspection. What ever she does during this time, is been recorded and keep clean for her.


In Nigeria, that's how parents handle this case of dating before marriage. While without parents, the young men also made their decision by taking serious inspection on you too.

Pardon me for always referring to the women, they are the main character in marriage, and when dating you, you don't behave or give that good attitude of good wife, sorry no man want a stress you will be left with no important option than to leave.

Not that the men doesn't have an issues when it comes to this. We all does but when checking for a solution to repair a faulty engine, you don't really check the body where the fault is place, but a particular place generating that issue.

Like some time ago, I over had some men saying, city girls has much problem, they don't respect or obey rules, some made the decision of going to the village for a wife.

Dating currently, plays a though rules in every relationship, it let you know the kind of person you are about ending up with and if this doesn't match or suit your coach, you are much advice to leave.

In some places in Nigeria here, it very necessary to do this, incase she happens to be the type who can't conceive and bear a child. Apart from this, it very cool as well, like I said before, it helps you to know the person you are about settling down with.

I think in this stage of dating, there's where you can make the final decision, so you won't reject the partner you chose later on.

The Important Of Dating Before Marriage In Nigeria Today, And How You can Manage a partner character when it changes are.

__1 . It Expose Partners Characters___

When you date a person or partner before marriage, you will get to know the kind of person you are ending with and what you can do if there's an unusual incident that may later comes up then.

Remember mostly ladies have this hidden heart that you may not get to know them in all when dating, but as human they always expose at least 50% of it which let you know that this person is right or isn't the right person for me.

The exposure is between the two partners bit only one person, the act of observation has been made necessary, infact it now a most to go through this process.

___2 . It Let Allows You Make The Right Decision___

Beauty at times lead many into wrong relationship and marriages, and many regret everly going into a relationship.

If you don't date before marriage, it very simple that you may end up regretting and for the sake of the both genders not  

get into this situation, they will be entitled either by parents or themselves to date for a period of time before marriage.

After the dating, that's when you can make a decision either to marry the person or let go of him or her.

___3 . Dating Before Marriage Exposed You___

This is a similar character to the above mentioned, if you don't date him or her before marriage, it very difficult to get exposed and know if you can be in relationship or marriage with the partner.

How it expose you also depends on what you want and how quick you are making your observation. ...

Don't make this mistake by just marrying someone you just meet, what if that person happens to be your destruction Angel and not a gudian angel then. This should be things you consider before embarking on a journey of marriage.


Apart from you knowing the above listed tips, remember you get to understand more and enjoy your marital home with the right partner.

Everyone is a right Partner, but the act of learning of chosing someone who suites your heart and can make you happy for every is very cool.

Remember don't rush into marriage, make a date first to see if the person you are currently with is mend for you.

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