The Usefulness Of Technology In The World

The Usefulness Of Technology In The World

Hi guys, I will like to talk on the importance of today's modern technology in the world generally. As the world population grows, the technology affects our day to day life.

Technology has become a source of income for many people and source of income for some countries like China. Some countries depend on technology to survive in the economy and they are doing well because technology his become a must use item in every house hold around the world.

Life has become easy because of the modern technology, technology has simplified our daily work activities where we ought to use our power.

As we all know that technology is an aspect of knowledge which deals with engineering and use of science. Technology can be inform of phone accessories, machines, home appliances and so on. Many changes that has occurred in many industries around the world is due to technology.

There are numerous ways technology has helped us as an individual, here we are going to outline 10 important ways technology has helped individual and has developed the world as a whole.

10 importance of technology :

1. Easy Communication
2. Helps in New discoveries
3. Technology is a life saver
4. Keeping families together
5. Making New friends
6. Reduce industrial efforts
7. Reduce labour
8. Business expansion
9. Encourage record keeping and retrieval of lost records
10. Source of information

Now let's get down to business as we discuss the 10 importance of technology in our today's world and how it has make life easier.

1. Easy Communication

Technology has made communication easy this days as we can now discuss important matters, offices issues and the rest just by pressing a button. In ten, 

fifteen century ago, communication mostly is by sending of letters from one post office to another and it before the information reach the necessary people that needs the information it might have being late. 

Those century communication alone is stress on its own as it is not easy to communicate except you are in the same area or community where the informant and the receiver stays. But in this 21st century, technology has made communication easy as you can communicate with another person in another country with just a button. 

It faster and easier and also reduce stress. Invention of new technology like mobile phones, computer, internet has made it easier for anyone in the world to communicate.

2. Help in new discoveries

As we all know how communication has help human kind in new discoveries. New discoveries spring up almost everyday because of technology. New phones, new laptops, new cars and so on hit the market everyday because of new discoveries through technology. All this new discoveries helps in improving human lives and made work easier.

3. Technology is a life saver

Technology is one of the important tool that has been life in different dimension. For example a sick person that was rushed to the hospital and perhaps he or she can't breath, the doctors will fix oxygen for the sick patients to survive, te equipment used during this process is as a result of technology. Peradventure te sick patients survived, technology in one way or the other save a life. Now imagine how many lives technology save everyday in the world. Technology however has helped in science, many cronic disease like cancer and the rest his been treated through the help of technology. Evolution of Technology is truly a life saver.

4. Keeping families together

Technology is this aspect has assemble some scattered families and has being back love  and unity in the family. Sharing of  updates, expressing and dishing out information circulating round the family members has made some family more stronger and united through the help of technology. 

For example some men don't live together with their wife and children often because of the work, but technology has helped them stay close together by calling, chats, video calls, sending of pictures and voice note and so on have made the family close together. Some students schooling abroad also can stay close to his or her family by the use of technology.

5. Making new friends

This is one of te sweetest part of technology that seems to have develop human race. Making new friends on internet is more rampant this days through the use of technology like Internet. Their has been a lot of sweet love stories of some couples that meets on the internet by making new friends which later turns to love stories. 

Some people make new friends through groups and forum on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so on with teh help of technology. Some people make new friends on the internet and has help them become somebody in life. So technology as helped in making and meeting new friends anywhere in the world.

6. Reduce industrial effort.

Their are some industrial works that is done by robot in some companies. Technology reduce human effort with the help of new technology like machines.

 For example Unilever machine that can carry up to 1000kg weight has reduced the effort of over 50 hefty men in lifting the weigh. However as it reduce industrial effort it saves time and energy.

7. Reduce labour

Technology in another way reduced labour in industrial world. Some machines invented can do the work of 50-70 people at a time. It reduces labour and labor cost. 

Thas made industrial work easy, if you have necessary equipment in your company, you don't need to employ many workers as those machine will inturn make it easier and faster.

8. Business expansion

As new technology evolved, business tends to expand more and produce more because new technology invented makes business to be easier and making more profit.

9. Encourage record keeping and retrieval of lost record.

Technology helps in keeping records. In any organizations, record keeping is the most essential tool because it helps to trace the profit and loss of an organizations. It also helps in retrieving lost records.

10. Source of Information

Technology serves as source of latest information. You can get any information at the corner of your through the help of internet. Technology also helps in dishing round information faster and easier.

In conclusion, technology has develop human race and has make life easier to live.

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