Ways To Handle A Relationship After Break Up And Coming Back

As we all know love matters is a matter of the heart. Relationship takes two adult to be together after they agree to, but what happens their is disagreement? Break up happens. When their is breakup, one partner will suffer the loss more than the other, the one in love will suffer more.

Its not a easy thing to just forget someone you have built your life around with, someone you have plan your future with, its not an easy task to let go of some one you care about but when breakup happens, you have to let go, because you need to fix yourself and nobody will do that for you. After breakup, some people will refuse to eat, attend to their works, refuse to practice his or her daily hygiene or routine, he or she will be depressed and will refuse to do anything because of disappointment from a partner. Its normal to feel that way after so much cordial relationship with someone but that is not the end of life. After reading this article about how to you get over your partner after breakup, you will know you what to do so as to move on with life.

And in this article I will also be writing about eventually if you want to fix things with your partner, what are the things to be done for both parties to correct their mistakes and to be strong partners that will lead to something meaningful like marriage.

Dont be depressed, dont be sad, dont devalue your self, dont look down on yourself after a breakup, pickup yourself up, read the following point am about to dish out, practise them and be strong, within short period of time, I can assure you, you will get over the breakup in no time.

So let's get down to business, after breakup, here is the list of 7 tangible things to do below

1. Consider Deleting Your Ex Number
2. Practise good healthy Hygiene
3. Make plans To hangout With friends
4. Do A research on the reason for the breakup
5. Concentrates more on your work and career
6. Rebuild Your Self
7. Returns to what you love doing.

I will expanciate more on the points listed above, to know more about these points listed above, then continue reading.

1. Consider Deleting Your Ex Number

Yes that is the first thing to do after breakup, if you stil have his or her number, you might still be trying to call them or making the memories to come back. So I will advise can delete your partners number after breakup, and not only deleting their number, try and block them on all social medias you can think of, with all this you can simply get over them in a short while.

2. Practise Good Healthy Hygiene

Like I said earlier, some people will because of breakup neglect their daily hygiene routine like constant exercise, brushing, bathing, eating healthy food and so on. For you to get over your partner in a short term, you need to get pick yourself up and practise good healthy hygiene. Like for example, when you wake up in the morning, do some push or jug around your streets or visist the gym, after then brush your teeth, eat some healthy food, take a nap, rest and if their is work, go to your work place on time. With all this you Wong be able to even think about the breakup that just happen. And in no time if you repeat this always, you will forget and get over your partner in a short while.

3. Make plans to hang out with friends

The best way to get over someone who break your heart is going out and hanging out with friends. Reconnect with old friends, hangout with them, chill with them, take some drinks, laugh and have fun. Say yes to every social invitation coming to your desk. If you hangout often, you won't have time to wallow in sadness or depression on breakup with your partner. Happiness will radiant in your heart and you will even have more reasons to move on. Hanging out with old friends will made you meet new friends and even find love again in very short term.

4. Do a research on the reason for the breakup

Yes, you have to reflect on the reason for the breakup, after some time, sit down relax and go down the memory lane, reflect, do some research on the reasons for the breakup, point them out, notice them, if you are at fault you have to work on your self before jumping to another relationship.

5. Concentrate more on your work and career

After breaking up with your partner, dont because of that neglect your work and career,  better still concentrate more on them to avoid over thinking and depression which may later leads to great havoc. For instance if your partner break up with you and you refuse to go to work, you may be may be sacked from work, then you become broke and empty and it might later leads to suicide. But if you concentrate on them more, you won't have time to think about breakup and you will easily get over your partner in a short term.

6. Rebuild Yourself

After breakup, rebuild your low esteem, dont look down on your self, dress up, look elegant, and trust yourself even more.

7. Returns to what you love doing

Go back to your hobby, what you love doing, go back to them and make yourself happy after breakup. Your happiness depends on you, your happiness is not with anyone but you. Make your self happy by doing what you love doing most. You will get over the breakup in a short while.

Now after getting over breakup, if you decide to fix things with your partner again, then follow this 5 steps on how to get back together and stay strong together and believe me, your relationship will become more stronger than the previous one you had.

1. Dont Rush, take things slow and steady.

2. Sit down and talk about it with your partner. Both patner should Embrace change.

3. Figure out each others fault and reasons behind every previous action

4. Make sure you are both on the same page. Make sure you both want the relationship to work out.

5. Communicate more often.

In conclusion, if you follow the do's and dont listed above about getting over breakup and getting back together with your partner, you will surely be grateful for reading this article.

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