Avoiding The Do And Don't Of Your Partner

To make a relationship work, it needs time, a lot work and effort. Relationship especially this days is very tricky and needs wisdom to maintain. To make your relationship work you must be aware of the rules and regulations of your partner, that is, you must be aware of your spouse do's and don't and also follow relationship rules.

Their are numerous ways to make your relationship work and that is what we want discuss  here today. Making your spouse all you want will requires some effort and also determination. Just relax and chill as you follow the list am about to release below.

Here are the 10 do's and don't of your spouse that you must avoid totally if you want an excellent relationship.

1. Don't Complain always about Your Spouse.

2. Don't Walk away from your spouse No matter what.

3. Don't ever Compare your Ex To your present spouse.

4. Don't compare Your relationship to other relationship.

5. Don't try To Change your spouse with force.

6. Don't Threaten to breakup with your spouse.

7. Always Forgive and forget.

8. Trust Your spouse And Be Honest

9. Don't Avoid Romance.

10. Communicate with Your spouse often.

Yes, hope you are done reading the highlighted list up there. I know you will want to know more about those things I put up there. Well I assume you should just continue reading as I explain the highlighted point above in details.

1. Don't Complain Always About Your spouse

One of the major key to a healthy relationship is not finding fault in your partner. Some people are always finding and picking out fault in their partner which in turn leads to havoc and can later scatter the relationship. When you are really in love with your spouse, you will find them perfect in everything they do. So if you are still finding fault in your partner, you need to check yourself.  Don't complain always about your spouse, even if their is need for you to complain and correct them on some issues on your relationship, you don't need to be too harsh in your correction, correct them with love and affection and believe me they will change to that character you want in them. Don't complain always about your spouse, its another turnoff inna relationship.

2. Don't Walk away from your spouse no matter what

An healthy relationship that a lot of effort as have explained earlier, their will be fight, their will be argument and all sort but your ability to settle your differences amicably is what makes a healthy relationship between two people.  Okay fine for example you had a fight with your spouse over an issue, and the next thing you do is walk away from him or her without settling the quarrel. Its a big turn off because you might loose the partner at the end of the day. And I know you won't want to loose your spouse for just mere argument. So if you have an issue to settle with your spouse, settle it without walking away from them.

3. Don't Ever Compare your Ex to your present Partner

Some people are just like that. Any small quarrel or argument with their partner they start comparing their ex girlfriend or boyfriend to their present spouse, some people will go as far as telling them their ex is even better than their present spouse just because you are angry at that present moment. 

My dear if I will advise you, its a big turn off in a relationship, if you really want an healthy relationship that you have always been dreaming of, then don't ever compare your ex with your present spouse, control your anger, if your ex is better, you wouldn't have leave him or her to your present spouse. So don't because you are angry compare your ex to your present spouse.

4. Don't compare your relationship to other relationship

This particularly point is another big mistake anyone can do especially in this era of social media. Social media itself is full of lies and deceit. Don't because of some fake like celebrity relationship, 

compare your relationship with theirs. You might end up loosing a good relationship. All relationship you see around have their own ups and downs but nobody will tell you that. 

Every couple or couple to be will want to appear perfect in public but that doesn't stop the fact that they also have their own downsides that they are fighting. Stop comparing your relationship with others instead work on how to achieve an healthy relationship.

5. Don't Try to Change your spouse with force

In an article I wrote recently, How to make your girl feel special, I point out a major key to an healthy relationship which is this particular point. Don't try to change your partner. You love, care affection can change them to anything you want. But if you try to change your spouse with force, them it might lead to yam pepper scatter scatter.

6. Don't threaten to breakup with your partner

If you are fond of this, please stop. Its a big turn off in a relationship. If you because of quarrel or misunderstanding threatens to breakup with your partner, you might be surprised that one day they will eventually grant you your wish. If you do this repeatedly, it might later lead to breakup and you won't be able to fix it again.

7. Always Forgive and forget

Its even written in the holy book, learn to forgive and forget what your spouse did to you. If you them in mind, you may start hating your partner and might lead to havoc.

8. Trust Your spouse and Be honest

Make sure you practise this often. Trust your spouse and be very honest with them no what may happen.

9. Don't Avoid Romance

Trying to avoid romance with your partner can cause a lot of damage to your relationship. Don't avoid it. Try it with your partner often, that way you maintain and makes your relationship beautiful.

10. Communicate with your spouse often.

Communication is the major key to any healthy relationship. With regular communication, you know their problems, you will know when the happy, or when they are not. Communication strengthens relationship.

In conclusion, try to read up and learn the do's and don't of your spouse and believe me you will achieve that beautiful relationship you've always wanted.

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