Fantastic Ways To Be More Better And Successful In Life

I know a lot of people will be interested in this topic am about to write on, How to be successful. A lot of people have goals and dreams but few actually chase that dream and the keep dreaming and dreaming until it is too late to achieve that goal they have been dreaming of.

This question would have pop up in your mind many times, ''where will you see your self in the next ten years''? This is a popular question that always pop up in the mind of so many people who want to be successful in life. Where will you see yourself, will be where you always dream to be, drinking your favorite drinks, and flexing or you are still their watching film and still dreaming. You have get up and work on your dream, encourage yourself and stay true to your goals and i assure you surely achieve that your dream.

So, here are 10 things to do to become a better person and succeed in life.

1. Stop dreaming

2. Stop looking for Excuses

3. Stop chasing Mentor around

4. Take Risk

5. Do what you like doing. Your passion

6. Start again from the beginning

7. Look for good people to team up with

8. Have a target Vision and Goals

9. Listen to others advise

10. Complement yourself once in a while.

Am very sure you will want to read more about the list I put up their. Anyways that is why I will take my time to explain each point below. Sit down, relax and Just continue reading as I explain the highlighted point one after the other.

1. Stop Dreaming

Many people decieve themselves by being in one place without any effort and such people keep dreaming and hoping their dream will come to reality some day. But dont let me decieve you, if you dont stop dreaming, then the dream will continue to be a dream, it won't manifest into reality until you make effort to make the dream come to reality. I know the question in your mind is 'How do i stop dreaming?' You can stop dreaming by making effort to set your goals and work towards it. Stand up do some research on that your dream, and begin to work towards it. That is how you can simply stop dreaming. Get up and get to work.

2. Stop Looking for Excuses

Sometimes I laugh at people who claim to want to succeed but still looking for excuses on why they've not started to work on how to be successful. Some people will always find excuse on why they stop following their passion. For instance you want to start a career like a comedy career, and because you dont have money to pay for camera man, you use that as an excuse to stop chasing your passion. Whereas you can simply start this career by using your android phone to start something and gradually when the passion start paying off, you will have more fund to finance your career. Top richest men you see up their start from somewhere, nobody is an island, we all start from somewhere. You can climb a ladder from the top, you start by climbing from beneath before you get to the top. Stop making excuses, start something today.

3. Stop Chasing Mentor around

Yes, you hear me right, stop chasing so call mentor around. Without mentor you can achieve what ever you want to achieve in life. Though am not saying having a mentor or someone you are looking up to is not good, but chasing them to help you with your career will only delay you more in achieving your goals. Those already achieved mentor you see up there rarely have time for themselves talkless of you that you are just a fan. Do you know how many people begging them for help everyday? Stop chasing mentor and face your career early on time, with prayer and concentration, you are going to get to that top.

4. Take Risk

Taking risk is another key to be successful. No successful man you see today avoid risk taking. Billionaires around the world take a bigger risk that you can imagine. If you are afraid of taking risk then you might not be successful. For instance, you have the opportunity to taking a loan to finance your passion, and you are afraid it might not turn out well, believe me you may not be successful . For instance, you have the opportunity to taking a loan to finance your passion, and you are afraid it might not turn out well, believe me you may not be successful on time. Take risk and set goals to follow, if you concentrate well enough, it will certainly turn out well.

5. Do what you like doing. Your passion

One adage says, when your passion is actually your work then works becomes play. Sit down and figure out what you love doing the most, what you enjoy doing, what makes you happy. Follow it and build on it, you will enjoy doing it as your work when it started paying off.

6. Start again from the beginning

May be you have tried to chase your passion, you have done your possible best to build your passion, but still yet it doesn't come out well, and you become tired, you feel neglected, you've decided to forget about it and move on to just a daily paying job. Don't be tired, encourage yourself, figure out what makes you fail at first, after then start again. To be successful at times you have to fail many times. But learn from your failure and start again.

7. Look for good people to team up with

It is very simple and direct, sometimes you can't do it alone, look for good people who you can trust that have the same vision as you, team up with them and work together. Your effort will work out in no time because its a team work.

8. Listen to other advise

Sometimes you have yo slow down and listen to others who have the sane experience in the same field you are working on. They are their before you, their advise will definitely go a long way in helping you to achieve your goals.

10. Compliment yourself once in a while

Compliment yourself once in a while when you feel tired. That compliment alone is like a fuel that keep you moving.

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