Why You Should Never Reject Show As An Upcoming Artist In Nigeria.

Why You Should Never Reject Show As An Upcoming Artist In Nigeria.


Why You Should Never Reject Show As An Upcoming Artist In Nigeria.

When you are about coming up as a Nigerian musician, you are expected not to chase your helpers away by rejecting shows fro them, even it a birthday contain just 20 people.

Those people present and watching you perform maybe the ones to introduce you to a larger stage or where you want to been in term of your carrier as an artist or musician.

Remember most of the trending popular musician today where picked and have their carrier brushed up by most shows they have attended here in Nigeria.

As am upcoming you may be getting a lots of offer's because your price is affordable or probably you are making it free for the first time. My advice to you is that, don't reject any show offers coming your way, you be going to a place where your star shine brighter than where you are.

Although not every knowns this, that's why many of them are doing this mistake and very sad to said this. In other for me to reach out to everyone if you, that's why i comes up with this topic to help you align some mistakes and put you on the right places.

Sometimes your real fans or supporters may not be at the spot or area where you, it may somewhere else, let just assume that area you don't love going because of you but getting paid or maybe because the show isn't the right thing you are looking for.

Audience comes from all angle of the state, then you get known and expand the most stable you are in the game. Going for a birthday party to perform doesn't lower your standard, rather it increases your fans base as well.

There's a great advantage of why you should be accepting shows in Nigeria as an upcoming artist, you will forever be announced in that area as you have shown them love.

Let me tell you the simple and bitter truth, most upcoming show or event organizers and not too financially stable, when they organize a show to and call you to perform and you did by showing them love, they will amazed and if they have something that you could get paid next time, they will definitely call on you.

Now let me take you back to those days where artists mostly sell their music through shows, not like now that we have all kinds of digital streams where you can sell you music in.

Those days, as an artist the only platform for you to sell out your music is through shows. This is how it happen, when you are invited for a show, you go along with most of your music printed on a CD plate, 

the moment or after your performance, your personal assistant or your manager will be distributing the CD to fans who could love to by at a lower cost of maybe 500 Nigerian Naira or 1,000 Nigerian naira.

You may not get paid at the show, but you have sell yourself out with the way you can, and this way will definitely help you in building a better fans zone only if you determine to do so and continuously.

Now returning back to our technology world of today, if you have a show and you never get paid, don't worry you will ripe your sawing someday.. those people who have seen you in that show have automatically becomes your fans, when they comes across you in next show, they will be the one cheering you the most.

You may not know them, but definitely you have won that love from them, they will be they ones introducing people to your pages, telling them to streaming through you music on various digital stores.

This is call real love, now let assumed you reject med this offer when where called to perform without getting paid, you will also lose those present fans showing you love all round.

Most of the upcoming artists in Nigeria who are now super stars, mostly attend shows without paying even for their taxi or hotel rooms, some of them does all this for themselves, but today, their are enjoying the fact they where kind.

You made money using those people, even if you are to use to old modern ways of selling your songs out, people you have shown love will patronize you and also introduced you to others of their friends and family as well who may want to be a die-hard fan of you.

2 Reasons Why You Should Never Reject Show As An Upcoming Artist In Nigeria.

__1 . Help You Build Fan Base__

This is how you can build fans through and by not rejecting shows here in Nigeria. After your performance and if you wins the heart of the people by giving them exclusive performance, 

you will become their favourite and when ever they have a show, you could be their official artist, you have actually and till gradually winning their heart with you talented ways of doing things and act.

Building fans base as na upcoming is very difficult to tell you the truth, but you can by pass this only of you keep away the love of money and focus on the most beneficiary things for the moment...

__2. You Will Be Different From Others:-__ 

How are you different from others by not rejecting a show?, They won't know you secret and some of  them could be striving hard to get your level or be like you.

When others are finding it difficult to have a show, you will be busy going to shows that you are not actually getting paid by building a fans base that could help you in the nearest time.

We all know this, without a fans base, your song and page could be a dead one, to avoid this situation, you need acept all kinds of shows concerning entertainment because you want to be different and actually make a good earn from you carrier.


If you accept all kinds of show as free for the first time, it shows you are making a move, because you will soon come across ones that you will be getting cool payment from.

It not advisable as an upcoming to start charging when you called for a show, dint worry you will definitely be blessed some day, you just need a step by starting for you to become the star you want to be.

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