8 Tangible Usefulness Of Technology To The Present World


Talking again about Technology, their are 8 major importance of technology I will like to share with you. But before then do you have any idea what technology is ? how does it come to existence ? what brings about technology. Am very sure these are the questions that will be on your mind as you are reading this interesting article. Sit down, and relax as you enjoy my brief point about technology and its usefulness.

Technology is all about inventing new ideas and making use of the idea to help in human day to day activities.

Technology comes to existence in human race by invention of new tools, and techniques, from simple tools and techniques to complex information technology to complex genetics  engineering technology that evolved ib the 1980s. The word technology emerge from a Greek word known as Techne that means art and craft. And the logos in between and at the technology means word and speech. With this meaning we can know what technology actually means and how it come to existence.

Technology is can also be described as new knowledge which affect our environment positively. We can possibly reach where we dont think we can reach through the advancement of technology, we call reach anybody in the work while sitting down in the corner of your room through technology and so many. Technology has made life easier as it seems to be when their is no technology. However technology is connected to science because technology exist through science research, science is the basis of technology.

So, after knowing the meaning and history of technology, lets talk about 8 tangible usefulness of technology is our today's society.

1. Technology brings Knowledge

2. Easy Communication

3. Security Measures

4. Modern Internet

5. Improves Education System

6. Boost Entertainment

7. It helps in Legal and office work

8. Industrial employee Engagement

Am very sure you want to know more about the list I put there. So continue reading as I explain the highlighted lists below.

1. Technology brings Knowledge

Checking on the  history I wrote up there, you will see technology has been in existence since 1980s, back in the days, if you are to gather knowledge or you have to do research on somethings, if will have to run from one library to another and you won't be able to even find full knowledge on what you are researching on. But these days, you can sit down at the corner of your room and do numerous research on a work or project and you will get full knowledge about it through the help of your phone or laptop and internet. You can learn how to do anything, anytime at any age through the use of technology. Technology has bring so many ease and comfort to human race compared to when their is no technology.

2. Easy Communication

We all know what technology has brought to us with easy communication. You can connect to anyone in the world without moving an inch from where you are through the use of mobile phone. Technology made communication so easy unlike those days where you have to send letters from one post office to  another, before it got delivered it will take days and sometimes months before the reciever received the letter and replied. But this days you can even be working abroad, and sit comfortably in your country through the use of technology. You can communicate well easy and quitely with your loved ones. Easy communication brings more efficiency to work in an industry. Because of modern technology you can communicate with your workers at different branch in another state or country effectively. Major usefulness of technology is easy access to communication.

3. Security measures

This particular point is also very crucial when talking about the usefulness of technology. Technology has helped greatly in taking security measures most importantly in our day to day lives. For instance installing a spy camera, home camera, phone calls, security alarms and so on has improve our security and safety. Imagine installing a spy camera in our house or a door camera which you have the opportunity to talk to that person before opening the door. You can know what is happening around your house or in your house when you are not around through the use of this camera. Most of this modern device has safe so many lives and property, calling easily with our phones when you are in trouble is another security and safety measure. We can't do without this modern technology because it save us from alot of trouble.

4. Modern internet

Most people have met their love life through the use social medias. Most people have become rich and famous through the use of social media or google. Most people have become stinky rich through the help of google or money making platform.You can't access all this without the use of internet. Modern internet has help human grace greatly and have made life easy for humans.

5. Improves Education system

Yes, technology has improved education system around the world. Unlike before where you have to make use of library to have more access to education. This really makes things slow. But now you can have access to anything through the use of internet and has made education more easier. It even improves teachers and student knowledge and also improves their technical know how.

6. Boost Entertainment

This is very clear usefulness of technology. In one way or the other, technology has boost entertainment. Shows requires use of technology, music videos, youtube, music platform where people listen to music, sports where people can watch the favorite player and club at the comfort of their house. This seems easy because of new modern technolgy. And with this, entertainment has made huge fan base because everyone has easy access to the choice of entertainment through the use of technology.

7. It helps in Legal and office work

Technology has greatly help in legal and office work. Nowadays their is no need for much paper work, sending mails through the use of internet, making use of robot to perform some task in the industry and many more has made work easy in the industrial area.

8. Industrial Employee engagement

It also helps in employee engagement. An employee who has access to 24 hours internet and can work any where will be more engaged in his or work.

In conclusion, mere reading the point listed and explained up their, you can have more knowledge about the usefulness of technology in human race.

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