Great Reasons Why You Should Invest In Entertainment In Nigeria


We all know entertainment is one of the fastest business in Nigeria now. Entertainment is really growing fast as new musicians, comedians, footballers and so on spring up almost everyday. We have new stars in Nigeria coming out to the world making deals with a lot of money involved. With this, it makes entertainment more profitable business to dive in.

In Nigeria history, entertainment is an activity that has been developed over thousands of years, communicating with audience in an event using words, story telling, dancing and so on has been a form of entertaining audience in any given event. Entertainment start to evolve in the 16th century when their is a great depression all over the world, it was originally designed to make people forget their sorrows and worries and has cure most people depression in recent times. Story telling is the first form of entertainment that evolved that layers spread its wings into different categories of entertaining like dancing, sport and other form of entertainment we have today. Entertainment in history evolve into different forms as a result of social media influence and country revolution. It has however spread its wings across the world and now it has become one of the profitable business especially in Nigeria. We can also see how our actors, actress, comedians, bloggers, entertainers generally buys exotic cars, expensive houses and as well enjoying lifes touring round the world. This however gives us a clue that entertainment business is a very profitable business to invest in today.

However we have different forms of entertainment we can look into before thinking of investing into entertainment business. Entertainment forms are many, but we can just look into few below.

1. Music

Music is one of the greatest form of entertainment, its can stand alone as an entertainment, like songs, also can also be used to enhance story telling, it can use be used in movies, used in sports, drama, and so on. Musics is almost very important in other forms of entertainment as it has it own personal role to play in other forms of entertainment. Music has many genres like Jazz, Classical, Hippop, afropop, Afrojuju, rock music, traditional music and so on. Before the 20th century, music is only available to those who pay to watch and listen to performers on stage, but after the 20th century, music can pre released to those who can afford to buy it on different platform where music is been sold. Music can be performed live on stage l, recorded and released for many people to listen at once. Most importantly musicians can now sell teir music on many platform like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and the likes. This makes music more profitable to invest in.

2. Comedy

Comedy is another form of entertainment that sells nowadays in te entertainment industry. Many people tends to watch comic videos on their smart phone to wipe away their sorrows, depression and anger as it now easily accessible. Before the era of new technology, comedy was always preformed on stage, people will pay to watch comedians telling funny stories and jokes like standup comedy. But this days, you can easily act comedy and upload the video on your individual page for people to watch at their convenient time.

3. Games

Game or gaming is another forms of entertainment that as been invented over the years. Draft, ludo games, chess has been an ancient games in history use to entertain large crowd back then. However electronic games has evolved which in turns brings in money for people who invest in it. So many people love to visit game centres to cool down their body from hard labour, and as they tends to play games, they pay to play the games for some specific time. Games also have different forms, some games are also online where you download your favorite games and play at your leisure time. Its also a very lucrative forms of entertainment to invest in it.

4. Sport

Sport is another form of entertainment that is really selling fast not only in Nigeria, but in the whole world. Sport as it is known is one of the richest arms of entertainment in the world. Through sport, some other forms of entertainment like sport betting and so on also evolved. Sports entertainment is a competition that has been entertaining large crowd of people and people tends to love competition. Sports competition have becomes so popular because its a development designed to watch in stadium, or watch on electronic devices either on TV or on phone. Its audience has grown rapidly as it has becomes surprisingly popular among young people. Sports because of its popularity is one of the arms of entertainment that is hugely invested in and has bring in more money that any forms of entertainment.

5. Movies and Cinema

Movies has become more popular because its another form entertainment that people and because of its large audience, it has becomes more profitable business in entertainment industry. Thousands of movies are produced and as it produced, millions of people tends to watch the movies either on the internet or in cinemas which inturn brings in money for the film producers. Money invested in movies industry is quick to be gotten back with profit as a very short period of time. Thats why its another form of entertainment which generates huge income of invested on.

In conclusion, there are numerous reason why you should invest in entertainment industry. One of which is the cash flow structure. The cash flow structure in entertainment industry is so rapid and fast. Money for deals, transfers, investment and so on has make the cash flow in entertainment industry easy, fast and reliable. Investing in entertainment especially in Nigeria will give room for easy profit as the money invested in any forms of entertainment listed above will bring in bring in more money faster and the capital can be invested again and profit comes in again in short time and it goes on and on like that.

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