Main Purpose Why People Conducts Election in a Country

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Writing about an election of a country has always been my joy, because in every country their must be an election that must take place. So we need to understand what election stands for, types of elections we have, the advantages and disadvantages and also talk about the main purpose why people conduct election in a country.

Talking about election, I know the first question that will be on your mind right now is what is election, election is a decision made by some group of people to choose an individual to be responsible for public office.

Elections can be done so as to fill offices like the legislature office, executive and judiciary offices, regional offices and local government offices, also elections can also be done in private organizations ranging from industries, clubs, schools, and many others when deciding on who to become the next leader or a CEO of that particular organisation.

Election has been in existence since 17th century, the world as a whole uses election as an important tool to choose leaders who will hold political offices or leaders of an organization that will practise democracy with his or her people.Though sometimes some countries or some set of people sometimes decide not to have any election, this process is called oligarchic institution, and in this situations most political office or leaders of an organization will be chosen by allotment.

Their are 4 major types of election, which are listed and explained below

1. Primary Election

2. General Election

3. Constitutional amendment election

4. Special or recall election

Let me quickly briefly explain the types of elections I highlighted up there.

1. Primary Election

This type of election is generally hold by political parties or let's say some board of trustees of a company. This is usually necessarily conducted when a political party or an organization have more than one candidate to represents them in general election. The ones that have the highest number of vote will represent the political party at the general run off election. That is why they call it primary election.

2. General Election

This is another type of election that is been held to choose which political representative or organization representative will hold the offices up for election. People are to decide in the general election to choose their preferred candidate by voting for them using ballot papers. Voting for a candidate per office are determine by the populace in the general election.

3. Contituitional Amendment election

This is the type of election conducted when ever their is changes to the constitution of a country or an organization. People will be ask to vote on the changes, if the people that are against it are more than those that support, then the changes wont be effective, but if the reverse is the case, the amendment will take effect immediately in that country or an organization.

4. Special or recall election

This is another form of elections that is been held at special cases. Talking about special cases, for instance this type of election is done may be when two candidate have the same voting scores, another election which is special election will be conducted. In another case if the elected person died or have an issues that has to do with the elected person leaving the held office before swearing in, another special election will be conducted to choose another candidate for that particular office. In another case, a candidate that also represent another party can decide not to accept the other elected representative, thereby calling for recall of election or another special voting, if enough evidence were presented in court, the court may decide to conduct another special election for the two parties alone.

After reading the highlighted list up there, I hope you now know the different types of election we have, and this type of elections are common in almost all the country in the world.

Before moving further to reason why people conduct election in a country, we quickly discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of election in a country. Advantages of election in a country are as follows

1. It enables Political Party or an organization to take control of government after having more than 50% of peoples vote.

2. It enables peace to reign in a country, people won't just be attacking themselves for a political post or organization vote.Election will choose who to be in the office or not.

3. It allows people to choose who to lead them in the government.

4. It improves the standard of living of the citizens in the country.

5. It gives room to proper procedures and arrangement in the country.

Major disadvantage of election in a country are as follows

1. Sometimes Elections turns violence, which in turn disrupt the peace of a country.

2. Elected officers may dissapoint the citizen that voted by not doing the right things in the office he or she was elected for.

3. Some candidate are forcefully elected.

4. Election takes times.

5. Election is a big risk, people who decide to elect a leader may elect a bad leader which will give them tough time during his or her administration.

Having said that, we now know the major advantages and disadvantages of election in a country.

Let's get down straight to the business of the day, what are the major why people conduct election in a country. I will start be highlighting this reasons one after the other below.

1. Reason why people conduct election is to choose their choice of leader.

It totally give room and opportunity for people to choose their choice for a political office or post.

2. Another purpose is that, it bring peace to the nation.

Imagine their is no election in a country, people just hold political offices or lead an organization at will, their will be argument and fight every where and their won't be peace in such a nation.

3. Citizens or people in an organization are confident.

They have enough confidence to choose and to work with the leader or the elected personnel.

4. It properly arrange the economy of a country.

Where election is conducted, it arrange and contribute to economic growth of the country.

5. Their is positive Competition among elected candidate.

Individual will always want to impress the citizen while in the political office or leader of an organization so that people can vote for him or her again. So there will be positive competition among individuals interested for an office or a post.

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