The Enlargement Of Real Estate In Nigeria and Why You Should Invest On It

Real Estate

Looking at investing in real estate, we need to know the real meaning of real estate, however Real estate is a form of property that comprises of land and structures or natural resources on it.Real estate in Nigeria has becomes one of the profitable booming business in Nigeria as Nigeria population increases everyday, new families evolved as nigerians tends do wedding every Saturday. In nigeria of today, real estate is another means of passive and steady income, a way to proper plan for better retirement. Nigeria population as of 02-10-2020 according to world meter is 204,142,280 makes real estate a booming business especially in nigeria as population increases rapidly. Real estate business is very lucrative because states like Lagos and Abuja demands for more properties to carter for the increased population.

Investing in real estate helps in building a strong revenue base and its helps to plan better for the future. As at now, it is very easier for anyone to invest in real estate, but it is very important to know the basics of real estate before investing into the industry. Nigeria real estate industry is beginning to stabilize as it is hit by slow economic growth known as economic recession some properties According to real estate expert, Nigeria properties market will be the one to benefit most in Nigeria financial sector. At some point, when the demand for property seems low, the central bank of Nigeria CBN approved #200, billion for construction of 300,000 houses for low income households and to create more jobs for youths that are unemployed.

Meanwhile we can advise anybody looking for a way to invest his or her long time savings, to invest in real estate for betterment of his or her future and his generation to come. Real estate business is a long term that keeps giving the investor steady income for a long time and even for another generation to come. 

Before thinking of investing in real estate, you should know the the kind of property you are investing on. Real estate is in three forms which are ;

Industrial real estate

This deals with property consisting of construction of ware house, factories, industries and companies.

Residential real estate

This is the kind of property that involves construction of shelter for human living which is part of human needs just as important as food.

Commercial real estate

This is the type of property that is solely based on construction of companies for rentage purpose. They rent out the structures for industrial purpose and collect rent wages every week, month or yearly.

There are numerous reasons why investing in real estate in Nigeria is a wise decision to take. We are going to list out 10 reasons why you should invest in real estate in Nigeria.

1. Its a Flexible investment
2. Passive income
3. Taking Full Control
4. Bright Future
5. Safest investment
6. Easy to start with technology
7. Easy cash flow
8. No specialist Knowledge needed
9. Next generation benefit

Now lets get down to business, why you should consider investing on real estate.

1. Its a flexible investment

We call real estates investment a flexible business because, having a property with your name can be rent out, for cash flow, you can alter, renovate and sub divide to create another investment opportunity and have more income coming in. Its flexible, it can be change from one investment to another.

2. Passive income

Real estate helps in steady and passive income. Like any other forms of investment, real estate brings in more income over time. Investors earn when the rent out their property with proper monitoring giving them steady income monthly or yearly. Like the popular saying that ''landlord earn while they sleep'' while the tenant keep working to pay the landlord. Thats the kind of passive income real estates bring in.

3. Taking full control

Unlike other investment where you might need to sell shares so that the business or company can survive. Real estate business need no share or inviting other people to maintain it for you thereby loosing ownership, You are in full control of your property, 100% owner ship. You can do and undo with your property because you have full ownership right over it. The income and other benefit attached to the property is all in your control as the investor.

4. Bright Future

Its a very wise decision to invest in real estate for a better future not only for you but for your children and generation to come. Investing in real estate like having a house property for rent and so on can bring in passive income that even after your retirement from work, you will still have enough income to sustain the family and even secure a better future for the coming generation.

5. Safest Investment

One of the safest investment is investing in real estate. Population keeps growing and people need shelter, and companies to work. Why we call it safest investment is because its a long time business that can't be claim by anybody even when you are dead so far the papers are well documented. It cant be stollen, or hijacked.

6.  Easy to start with technology

With the new growth of technology recently, you can easily invest in real estate. Investing in real estate and you are confused where to start from? You can easily google search or to some real estate website and you will find necessary clues that you need to start having properties. For examples some real estate will advertise and tell you that you can have a property so far you can pay  installmental and people take that advantage to have properties all over Nigeria.

7. Easy Cash flow

Real estate investment gives esy cash flow after you can no longer go to work, with your property that are out for rent, income can easily be generated.

8. No specialist Knowledge needed

Yes, No specialist knowledge necessarily needed when thinking on investing on real estate. You can easily read clues online and follow the process.

9. Next Generation benefits

Investing in real estate won't only helps the investor for steady income and generates other benefit but also, the investment will benefit other generations to come as real estate can more than 100 years.

In conclusion, with the reasons listed above, real estates investment is one of the best investment anyone can invest in.

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